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About Cutie Pies and its Owner

Penny Lovely, owner of "Cutie Pies", has been a lover of food from the start! She can recount her top ten meals of her life with crystal clarity. A few of these date back to when she was just a wee girl of 6 or 7! She has consistently worked in the food industry since the age of 14. This has included serving (from hot dog stand to fine dining), preparing, opening and operating 2 successful restaurants to her current passion, head baker and owner of "Cutie Pies".

"Cutie Pies" is a company with a long pedigree stretching back 10 years. We started out as "Mom's Pies" in 2003 and spent several years at the Strathcona Market in Edmonton. From the beginning we followed the philosophy: "If we can make it ourselves, we will!" To this day we make all of our dough, fillings and even sweetened condensed milk from scratch! Each pie is lovingly hand produced from the best ingredients we can source. In 2010 we changed the name to reflect the new direction we were moving. Trying to better serve our customers we switched to producing 5" personal pies exclusively. Our clients were thrilled as they could get every flavor their hearts (and their families) desired, in the perfect size. Soon everyone just started referring to them as "cutie" pies and our name was born!

We produce a full spectrum of sweet pies, meat pies and quiche. Every recipe is our own creation and we are known for our attention to detail. It is always a huge compliment when our customers include "Cutie Pies" in their 

family celebrations and every day meal planning! We keep our pies priced affordably so our customers can enjoy them on a regular basis.